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:onfire: Do not steal my art button by izka197 Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle :iconwolflaplz:

Crys World by Fans

Showcasing art others have done for me.
Copyright Tag for Deviants 4 by rclarkjnrCopyright Stamp by MoRbiD-ViXeN


Don't Question It by MiraKHallThis is NOT your character by RekaCryistallStop RPing on my pics stamp by Chaos-Master
This is the most stolen image of gift art I have ever received.
If you see this image being used by someone other then me, report it! It was drawn by Quoosa for me back in 2005. She gave me all rights to the image, however linking to her when reporting, as well as to this image above, is preferred.



Any Questions?
Thank you.

:icondonotplz::iconusemyartplz:STOP ID by RippedArtTaskForceCopyright Stamp by MoRbiD-ViXeN

Favorite Artists of DA

:icondecadia: :iconcamelpardia: :iconaveilthe: :iconnovawuff: :iconcottondragon: :iconramzawolf: :icontala-atma: :iconneimesette: :iconcoyotemange: :iconkeyperscove: :icondecay9: :iconmarshpawwolf: :icontatchit: :iconisvoc: :iconquoosa: :iconsierra713: :iconjeltix: :iconlogan-pearce: :iconwolffoxin: :iconifus: :iconfavetoni:
:iconpicturebypali: :iconqarrezel: :iconcreaturesfromel: :iconanimalartist16: :iconmangakasan: :iconrikinhukuma: :iconstereojester: :icongrypwolf: :iconsnow-body: :iconstarcanis: :iconwolfroad: :iconshepaintswithblood: :iconexileden: :iconwhitespiritwolf:
:iconyamigriffin: :iconlupinemoonfeather: :iconbeastofoblivion: :iconthemysticwolf: :icongurain: :iconblinded07: :iconkeprion:
:iconkyone-h: :iconschakalo: :iconmizehri: :icondaexmos: :iconcerona: :iconmorteciel: :icondeligaris:
:iconfoxbat-sullavin: :icont1sk1jukka: :iconthinking-silence: :iconshnawp: :iconsarurunkamui: :icontaintedimagination: :iconwood-splitter-lee: :iconwolf-minori: :iconindigo-maverick: :iconwiddershins-works: :iconlucidkitsune: :iconsnappleempress: :icondaughterofeast: :icon0-fireleaf-0:

In no particular order, here are my absolutely favorite artists of DA. Some are personal friends, but this is not favoritism. These souls, IMO are the most awesome artists in their field that I have come across in my many years on DA.


To learn more about the movement check out the website at
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Supernatural by kicsiannaSupernatural Season 5 Stamp by WincestSoundsFree Eye of the Tiger Stamp by HikariKoboshi
Creepy LOL Is Creepy by azianwolfdoll.Moro. by iStalkCookiesPrincess Mononoke  4 by princess-femi-stamps
Dante Stamp by Captain-AlbertWeskerDMC Dante stamp by uchiha-itachi111Jackpot by skinnyveestamp
Darksiders Symbol Stamp by Red-SinistraStamp - Storms by Endless-Summer181-Remake- Unashamed Wolf Artist by VexVamp
Typing Stamp by In-The-MachineI actually played ff7 Stamp by AwesomeStampsSMT Nocturne by ovstamps
Volbeat Stamp by SezerGulI still love PS2 Stamp__ by DarkShelkeI support the cops. by Angry-French-Kid
My childhood hero: Optimus Prime Stamp txt by Leathurkatt-TFTiggyOptimus Prime Stamp by TanukiKyuubi


Journal Entry: Wed Apr 23, 2014, 3:18 PM

Edit: Oops; I guess it's "Pintrest" and not PinIt.

Can anyone help me understand exactly what these sites are for or what you're supposed to do with/on them? I see a lot of friends on LINKEDIN especially an I'm confused as to how I'm supposed to use it or utilize it's services. PINIT keeps coming up in a lot of art theft cases recently and it just has me confused as to its purpose, really. I see a lot of peoples "collections" of images and some are even "pined" right from DA galleries which does an auto link back to the original. I don't really see any ways for those collections to be resold or anything but maybe I'm missing the point of it?

If any of you use these sites could you help me understand how they work?

Copyright Statement 3 by Sophibelle
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for this I was born.

:bulletred: Paypal email:
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Commission Samples Templet by RekaCryistall

:onfire: PLEASE NOTE: NO ART OF CRYS; done by self, as gift or trade or on commission; will EVER have my permission to be reused by ANYONE. Cryistall is NOT a character. She IS me. Everything about her was designed and represenitive of my life and my so; my experiences. It is not right for someone to take that; strip that all away to make it mean and represent something else. Something fake. Crys is real because I am real. And no one gets to play games with what represents everything to me. Period.
:star: This also applies to Vallance, Keyro, Awelan, Kyoanna.

She Wolf Stamp by devils-horizon -

:star: THE BASICS :star:

:onfire: Do not steal my art button by izka197 Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle :iconwolflaplz:

:bulletpurple:If anyone wants a better idea of what I mean when I mention my -daily- pain; READ THIS so I won't have to repeat myself. x.x

*A very painful, sad truth...Because I don't have the guts to write this again in detail; I'm going to play chicken-shit and just copy what I wrote to Aveilthe via text (minus my spelling errors hopefully) when I got back from the appointment.
(If you don't know what I'm referring to, please read this journal first:
Me: Didn't know I had a fever...101...that's running late so stuck in this small exam room...hate this.
Aveilthe: I'm here. Talk to me. I hope you don't have to wait too long.
(Doctor comes in, about an hour and a half passes.)
Me: ...I have a bone trying to come out of my skin by the little toe of my right foot...its a bone issue seen in 60+ year olds...and my sores..? (Sores is referring to the skin lesions/ulcers) Made worse by the humidity of Indiana...and are a sign of my body breaking down...
Me: ...there's nothing they can do for me...I'm basically being kept "comfortable" until it along with my other conditions, kill me.
Me: I'm fucking 29 y

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:iconstate-of-emotion: :iconjournalsneedingeyes:
:iconthe-gift-group: :iconfilliu-annyms:


Custom DreamWardens and Oversouls on sale!
DreamWarden - CUSTOM - Tygerwolfe by RekaCryistall
13s OverSoul - COMMISSION by RekaCryistall
Custom high complexity OverSoul or DreamWarden ON SALE FOR LIMITED TIME!
Most Commission Types are now ONLY 360 points!!
The Perfect Prize - GIFT by RekaCryistall
MoonMad - Commission by RekaCryistall
Single character with full or partial background or done as a complex tribal now ONLY 360 points!
High Detail Busts on sale for limited time!
Silly Saku - GIFT by RekaCryistall
I Am Empress - GIFT by RekaCryistall
High detail single character or abstract bust or profile now ONLY 650 points FOR A LIMITED TIME.

Commissions and Status

Detailed profile for friend not on DA


GIFTIES! :heart:


Artz for Me (stuff am waiting on, commissions and such)
DigitalAquaFox - Cryistall Animation Commission
Roraey - Crys Point Commission
camelpardia - Crys Point Commission
blinded07 - DevID

Silver-Sully my half -
FateDarkstar my half -
Aveilthe - my half -



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Boumeau 3 hours ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you so much for the watch :) I greatly appreciate it!
jocarra 1 day ago  Professional Digital Artist
Hey, thank you so much for the birthday gift :)
RekaCryistall 23 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
:hug: You're most welcome. :heart:
ElementalShifter 1 day ago  Student Traditional Artist
Leave it alone. You have all expressed a wish to let it lie. So why not do exactly that?
Nastiness is never an appropriate weapon. Contempt breeds more contempt. 
Leave your messages where they started: in private. But do not throw your perceptions and raw feelings out in public where it can cause very real problems on all ends.

It is obvious there is hurt on all sides here. It is obvious that everyone feels vengeful. 
No feeling is worth less than the other, but I'm begging you: stop the public assault. 
Crys, and in fact nobody, deserves this. 
RekaCryistall 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Sonna-love 1 day ago  Student General Artist
i want an answer why you seem to think it is alright to bully children teenagers and pregnant women with out you hiding it. 
RekaCryistall 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I never threw our business all over their pages. I never sent my friends after them to make accusations about any of it; even when they hurt the hell out if me and even admitted doing it! I never held that over their heads. I never posted journals or threats even tho they were both as guilty of being an ass to me as I was to them. I bent over backwards trying to make peace and when it was obvious that wasn't going to happen; I walked away. I blocked contact. I didn't steam and rant all over their places first. I didn't hang their wrongs out for everyone else to see and judge.
So tell me why am I the only one being blamed for something WE ALL did? Why am I the one getting treated like this when I have apologized and shown respect to person and privacy? Why am I the only one able to move past it and accept having to go our own ways?
I said NOTHING bullying or even insulting in the only contact I've had from either Amuro or Roman: which was a short convo via text. I'd be happy to show you that convo so you can decide for yourself how evil I am. But have enough respect to email me or note me. If I can't even get the same consideration I've showed them; tell me, then whose bullying who?
I'm sick of this.
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